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7 Home Improvement Projects to Do by Spring

With most of the country covered in snow and polar vortex temperatures, it's hard to imagine, that soon, spring will be not just on the horizon but at our front doors.

It's actually one of the few hopes beyond the desperate weather and dark, shorter days. And while we know that the days are getting longer the idea of spring and above freezing temps always feels as if it will never come.

While, you're waiting for the arrival of daffodils, there are a few things that can be done around the house in preparation for the warmer weather:

  1. Fix cracked tiles and grout - This is actually something you want to stay on top of year round, but cold weather can exasperate the problem - think frozen pipes, water, cracks and damage to your basement ceiling or to a neighbor's property. It can be a relatively easy fix and you will like the look of your new floor!

  2. Kitchen Upgrades - You may be daydreaming about the entertaining you will soon be doing, making this a great time of year to get those kitchen upgrades done so you're not entertaining a contractor and friends.

  3. Paint! With lower humidity, the colder months are ideal for painting rooms. Since we're mainly indoors in the winter it's a great time to do something that you can enjoy all winter.

  4. Purge and Reorganize - Why wait until the warmer months to begin purging (donating or trash) clothing and unneeded or unused items? When it's cold outside it's great time to take on indoor projects. Closets can be done one per weekend and make you feel like you finally conquered the junk drawer, or closet.

  5. Buy for summer now - If you especially need something good to think about during these dank winter months, think about summer. Bargain shoppers know that it's a good time to buy lawnmowers, gas grills, and other outdoor summer equipment as prices are lower. High demand and calculated supply in many areas could mean that you won't get your choice of product when you want it most. Here's another - white bedding tends to always be on sale.

  6. More buy now - We know that car dealers want to move the previous year's cars off the lot to allow room for a new year's line, but appliances are the same. You can even get good deals on electronics, furniture and sports equipment.

  7. Make a list and set a budget now for future projects - If you want a project done then this is a good time to begin saving to have it done and determine when you'll be prepared to have it done. You can also set a timeline for researching and interviewing handyman companies or contractors. Remember, you get what you pay for so saving to hire the right person is key.

Need more ideas? We love this list by Bob Vila.

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