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Easy Ways to Incorporate Viva Magenta! Into Home Decor

Pantone Announces 2023 Color of The Year and Here's How to Use it.

There is no doubt that we all have a preference in how we decorate our homes and for those of you who like to stay on top of trends, there can be easy ways to make changes in your home that make it feel current and on trend.

While modern décor has favored neutrals in the last decade, we’re always excited about the next hot color trends and how you can incorporate them into your home and lifestyle.

The Pantone Color of the Year is a great predictor of so much – paint colors, furnishings and accessories and fashion. The color of 2023 as recently been revealed so expect to see it…everywhere! A bold choice that conveys a sense of passion and confidence – Viva Magenta!

Here are some simple ways to incorporate these into your home and everyday life.

1. Decorative Pillows - Whether plain or patterned, pillows can be an easy and affordable way to bring the brightness of the color into your home.

2. Accent Walls - Give a real kick to your living room, dining room or home office and let the vibrance of the color come to life.

3. Kitchen - painted cabinets is still a popular trend that will continue and it's an easy way to make your kitchen pop. However, remember that selling a home may mean painting them a neutral color for more mass appeal.

4. Appliances - If this is too much for you, look for appliances in Viva Magenta for little pops on the counter or cabinet.

5. Bath - bathrooms are a great space to show your personality and easy to incorporate new colors through rugs, towels, soaps and shower curtains.

6. Blankets - Another really simple way to add new color to your home, blankets are also more purposeful and with a variety to choose from - knit, down, comforters, flannels and more - pick one that you will love snuggling under.

7. Decorative – For sophisticated accents of Viva Magenta in your home look for glasses, plates, vases, placemats and lamps. We can only imagine the lovely glow this lamp and shade give in a room doing double duty.

8. Wall Hangings and Frames - Art and other wall hangings allow for more expressive ways to bring color into your home and there is more access now then ever to find a piece that meets your style and complements the rest of your home. For DIY home decorators, look for unique pieces at antique stores and rummage sales and make it your own!

9. Planters - Get a start on spring now and give yourself something to look forward to over the winter months by designing your garden, back deck and repotting flowers in colorful magenta pots.

10. Phone case - Yes, prepare to see Viva Magenta everywhere including your cell phone case. It's the perfect way to express yourself and show your on trend.

Before You Buy Donate Our social mission is focused on reusing and reducing waste whenever possible. Keeping up with the times can also mean extra landfill waste, so instead of throwing away items in your home first try a local Buy Nothing Group on Facebook where you can easily give them to someone, and better yet, there might be someone in your community who is need. If all else fails you can donate to your local Salvation Army, which will resell your items to support the organization’s mission.

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