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The Top 7 Most Requested Renovations of 2022

While it may seem that we handyman/contractors end up doing repetitive work, we’re actually often surprised at our client’s requests and the cyclical nature of projects.

The pandemic and working from home was the final push many people needed to remodel their bathroom or finally set up a home office. No doubt those were our top requested services in 2020 and 2021.

Our top renovation project requests reflected a bit of this return to normalcy and yet also the new demands on individuals and families, including a full renovation while the family lives at home and works from home. and give an idea of things you should consider when it comes to deciding what renovation projects you should take on next.

  1. Flooring – and wood floor in particular. This can be an expensive undertaking so we can imagine that some people took the time to save money during the pandemic to complete this project. Either way, we saw a lot of wood floor this year and most of our clients wanted a paler flooring for that “airy” feeling.

  2. Walls – Between taking down walls, putting up new ones and then painting, we should have stock in Tide. We came home with a lot of dust and paint on our clothes, but it’s always worth it to see a space finished.

  3. Water Damage Repair – This was the year for water damage. So many ceilings and floors and apologies to neighbors in buildings. It’s always a reminder for everyone to catch water problems right away to avoid massive damage. As we enter winter, this includes frozen pipes that burst. Prevent broken or burst water pipes by noting which pipes are on outside walls where cold temperatures can cause the water inside to freeze. The simple action of turning the facet to drip will keep water moving in the pipe and reduce the chances of freezing.

  4. Bathroom Renovations – So many bathrooms and glass showers. Our clients have had some incredible vision in their bathrooms, and we had a lot of fun with these renovations. We even learned some new tricks that could be helpful for your bathroom renovation.

  5. Breaker Boxes – for electric vehicles. This one surprised us as we received more and more requests for setting up a system to help electric vehicle owners charge their car. Now we understand that as technology and policies are developed to help further encourage the purchase of electric vehicles, we will continue to get this request. The good thing is that we’re now experts!

  6. Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets – We understand that for most people renovations can be very expensive but there are creative ways to give your home the facelift and change you desire without breaking the bank. This year, that creative way was refinishing kitchen cabinets. We stripped, painted or re-stained cabinets to give them new life.

  7. Toilets – one toilet, two toilets, three…flush. You’re welcome!

The change of season may bring on some different projects and we’re interested to see what trends come our way. In fact, now is the time to get a jump on spring and we offer in this blog post about home projects to do before spring.

What kind of renovations are you planning on doing this year? What trends are you considering in home decorating and renovating? We need to start our list for 2023! Share it on our Facebook page.

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